Team Volunteers in the community

On Saturday Sept. 6th,  the players attended McDonalds to help support The Inn of the Good Shepherd – Sarnia in their #LooniesForLunches campaign.
The funds raised through Loonies for Lunches supports The Inn of the Good Shepherds food bank program – working to make sure they have snack and lunch items to help families provide their kids with nutrition for school.
For 18 years, the local McDonalds Restaurants have been holding Loonies for Lunches to help support kids. Over those 18 years, over $138,000 has been raised to help feed kids!
From August 28 through to September 10, if you visit a local McDonalds, you will be asked if you would like to donate a ‘Loonie’ in support of Loonies for Lunches.
If you haven’t been able to donate but would like to, you can donate online    

The team also attended The Inn on Wednesday Sept 6th,  where they prepared / folded over 5,000 bags to support an effort to get approximately 30,000 bags, sponsored by Unifor 848, out to households in Sarnia, Pt Edward, Brights Grove and Corunna through the  Sarnia This Week  newspaper to kick off the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive.

The goal is to raise 50,000 lbs in food which is the amount distributed each month through the food bank.

Filled Bags can be dropped off at grocery stores, firehalls, The Inn and The Good Shepherd’s Lodge.  The Inn is seeing over 2000 people a month (900 children) accessing the food bank each month.
Well done Boys!! Its so important to give back to the community!