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Billet Guidelines &
Frequently Asked Questions


Each year hundreds of families throughout Ontario will host junior hockey players
who are spending the hockey season away from their homes. For the majority of
these host families, these days are often the foundation of special, long lifelong
friendships with a player and his regular family. Many people have the same
questions when inquiring about billeting. We have put together some answers to
address the most frequently asked questions in the attached booklet. The answers
which make up this document have been compiled through personal experience,
from both past and present billeting participants. Should you have any additional
questions or require anything to be clarified after reading this package please

Paul Hurtubise
Director & General

Sarnia Legionnaires hockey club
Phone: 519-384-9664


Frequently asked questions about billeting a hockey player

What is a billet family?
Many players leave home to play junior hockey. A billet or host family home is where a player
lives during the season. This is a players home away from home.

Are billet families paid?
A monthly allowance is to be paid to the billet family, payable on the
last day of the month. This fee is paid by the player/players family who will give postdated
cheques to the team. The team will then issue a cheque to the billet family. This fee helps with
additional household expenses especially food and drink. Billet families are asked to provide food
for three meals per day and snacks for their players.

Is there a “typical” host family?
Host families may be two-parent families, single-parent families, and occasionally an empty
nester. The common denominator is a desire by the family to make a difference in a players life.

How long does a billet stay?
Players usually arrive in late August. Players in school may stay with the billet family until school
ends in June. However, if at all possible, arrangements will be made with the high school to
continue their studies in the home city. Players who are not in school will leave usually within a
few days after the season ends.

Can a family host more than one player?
Yes. Two or more players can share transportation expenses and often provide company for one
another. The only requirement is that each player has adequate space/living arrangements. Each
player is expected to have his own bed, closet or dresser, and acceptable access to a restroom.

Who pays if a player is injured or needs medical attention during his stay?
All players must have medical insurance from their own families. Billet parents are never
responsible for any medical payments.

Will players join our family for personal events?
You are welcome to invite players to join you for family celebrations or activities; however, it is
not mandatory for you to do so. All players will have time off at the holidays in December.

Will my player attend school or have a job?
The expectation is for the player to attend school or have a job. However, in some cases this is not

Will I have to pass a background check?
The Legionnaires may require background screenings for billet families.

Will I be responsible for my players laundry?
Team uniforms are laundered at the arena and therefore are not to be leaving the facility. It is not
the clubs expectation that you do their personal laundry. The players are more than capable of
doing it themselves, providing that you take the time to demonstrate the proper use of your
washer and dryer. Dry cleaning costs are the responsibility of the player.

Do we have to have a place for them to store their gear?
We have dressing rooms at the arena where they hang up and store the majority of their gear.

How do we know what they are doing as far as their schedule?
The billet coordinator along with the GM will ensure that you are provided with a monthly
schedule of upcoming team events such as games; road/home, practices, teambuilding etc. If you
lose your schedule you may contact us. In addition, your player will be provided the same
information by the General Manager and / or the coaching staff.

What happens if we leave for the weekend or go on a holiday?
The Legionnaires do not expect your life to stop because you have a billet. If you are leaving for a
week, weekend or even a night, please contact the billeting coordinator. If deemed necessary, we
will arrange to have your billet move to a temporary house while you are away.

What do I do if it doesn’t work out as planned, or my family situation
We ask that if you are ever unable to fulfill all the obligations and full commitment to the player,
please let us know immediately so we can make other housing arrangements.

What do we do if a player is not obeying the rules?
This does not happen very often, however, if it does, we ask that you contact the billeting
coordinator immediately. Do not be afraid to mention the rules to your player and give them
gentle reminders about curfews and such. They are like a son in your home and the Legionnaires
expect them to follow the rules. As with any teenager, sometimes a player may forget how
important the rules are. We are more than happy to meet with a player and relay this information
to them.

Does the player have to supply anything himself?
The player is responsible for their own personal care items. The player is also responsible for
their own sports drinks, protein shakes, protein bars or anything similar that is specific to their
nutrition. They are also expected to have spending money for leisure activities.

What’s expected of you and what you can expect from your player…
Players have been afforded the opportunity to become a part of the Sarnia Legionnaires hockey
club for a variety of reasons. These players come to Sarnia from all over, in hopes of taking their
hockey career to the next level. Whether their path be on to the college ranks, the OHL, or any
other program, there is one common goal and that is to play the game that they love at the highest
possible level. Player should be reminded often that these opportunities hinge not only on their
hockey skills, but also on their academic and employee ethics, their citizenship, and their
disciplinary record. Their continued involvement with the club during this, or future seasons, is
dependent on these three dimensions. Your positive influence is welcome and we ask that you
*Space and accommodations
*Separate room and closet for a player or shared room and bath if hosting more than one
*Area for completing homework, Internet access including unlimited Wi-Fi
*Nutritious meals and snacks. Players/the Legionnaires are responsible for meal expenses
when traveling.
*A patient, caring and friendly home atmosphere
*The same guidance and attention you would want for your own children.
*Sensitivity and patience
*It can be overwhelming for a player to be so far away from home. A thoughtful billet family
appreciates that each player is unique and that communication and mutual understanding
takes effort.
*Establish a set of flexible, reasonable guidelines early on so the player knows what is
expected of them.
*Respect the players privacy and need for independence.
*Find out what types of food the player likes to eat and understand the nutritional needs
of an athlete.
*Understand the players practice, game and work or school schedules to plan mealtimes.
*Maintain an open line of communication with your players parents/guardians.
*Help to make a player comfortable not only in your home, but in our community.
*Be a good listener. If a player is stressed about playing time, team issues, homesickness,
it can have a direct impact on their game and more importantly their overall experience
with our club and with our city. Take an interest in your player’s season and support him
anyway possible.

Team expectations of our billeted players
Billet fees
A monthly allowance to be discussed when meeting will be paid to to the billeting home. This fee is
due on the last day of each month based upon the agreement, terms of payment between Legionnaires and
the billeted player’s parents. It is crucial that committed payment deadlines are met.
Players are staying with billet families must observe the curfews as they are set forth by the
Legionnaire’s team management. If a billet family has a reasonable curfew rule that is stricter
than the Legionnaire’s curfew, then the player must observe the stricter rule.
Not only at your billet home, but everywhere, there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding use of
illegal alcohol use (under age etc.), tobacco and or any illegal substance. You will be asked to
leave the team if this policy is abused in anyway. No alcohol use or illegal substance of any kind
is allowed to be consumed at the billets home. No chewing tobacco is allowed to be chewed at
any time. Smoking of any kind is prohibited.
Foul language is inappropriate and therefore must be severely limited. Any complaints of such
activity from billet family will be dealt with.
The family you are staying with has graciously offered to make space in their home for you. There
are bound to be things that occur within the home that will affect and bother you. You have to
remember that this is their home and you need to respect their family at all times. Billet families
must be held to a high standard in terms of being respectful. All billeting players must be aware of
the importance of respecting everyone in the billet home.
It is very important to be mindful of the fact that you are an extra person in the home. It is
important that you be helpful while in their home by offering to assist around the house. They will
be very appreciative of it. It is an expectation that you will clean up after yourself and do your
own laundry. Extra offers of help to keep the house clean inside and out is appreciated.
Don’t take things for granted. Something that maybe acceptable in your own house doesn’t
necessarily dictate what will be acceptable within your billet home.
Your room or space is their space and must be kept clean. You are obligated to conduct yourself in
a exemplary fashion while in someone else’s home.
Be willing to participate in family activities when appropriate and act as a positive role model for
younger children in your billet family and within the community.

You understand that you are to communicate your whereabouts to your host family at all times.
Do not assume they are aware of your schedule.
Limited use of facility
You have, by default, limited use of the Billets home and property. You are not allowed, without
prior consent of the host family, to use the property for any other activity except as a personal
lodging. This means no companions of any kind me into the property without the permission of
the host family. You also knowledge that you have limited use of the part personal property of the
host family, and that all use of their personal property must be cleared with their permission prior
to use. It is very important to be mindful of the fact that you are an extra person in the home and
as such, things are more congested than normal for them. It is important that you be helpful while
in their home by offering to assist around the house.
Maximum length of stay
You must vacate your host family residence within seven days after the last game played unless
additional arrangements are made in writing between the team, the host family, and you.
It is the responsibility of the player to make his own arrangements for all transportation to and
from home games, practices and team functions. Billet families are allowed to get involved
wherever necessary and appropriate. Should the player need more assistance they can contact the
GM. The player should not be driving a billet’s vehicle unless proof of insurance and liability is
made available to the team.
We suggest the parents of out of town players make his own arrangements to give their son access
to a debit card/credit card for leisure activities and unforeseen emergencies such as equipment
repairs and snacks when traveling. The billet coordinator will provide you with assistance in
locating financial institutions as part of your community and team orientation.

What you can expect to receive in return for opening your home to a
Legionnaires player:
*Most importantly, the opportunity to make a difference to the young player and help him
towards realizing his dreams.
*A first-hand understanding of being a hockey fan.
*A new perspective on hockey as seen through the eyes of your player.
*Invitation to the Legionnaires meet and greet function at the start of the season.
*Orientation and support from a Legionnaire billeting coordinator as well as other
experienced billets.
*A monthly allowance to be discussed when meeting will be paid to the billeting home
*2 invitations to the Legionnaires year-end awards banquet.
*2 Reserved Season tickets.

The Legionnaires pride themselves in being a family first organization and
nowhere is that more evident than the wonderful people that serve as Team
billets every season.