Program of Excellence

Program of Excellence

Sarnia Legionnaires Junior Hockey Club



The Sarnia Legionnaires will provide opportunities both on and off the ice for quality training time, coaching instruction and genuine player oversight in a structured, competitive and supervised environment.  As a hockey family, it is our desire to support and develop people who aspire to the next competitive level both on and off the ice.  


We Are Taking the Player Experience to a Whole New Level

The Sarnia Legionnaires recognize our young people are at a pinnacle point in their lives.  While hockey is their passion and it is their desire to play at their optimum level, for many players, their competitive hockey experience may not extend beyond the Junior level, either by circumstance, choice or opportunity.   We are aware of the challenges that some players face with their desire to commit to their hockey careers, essentially putting other life choices on hold.  We will work with individual players to ensure they experience opportunities to develop their hockey careers while enjoying a healthy life balance.  Our program will also offer supports for players who are exploring other career options, collegiate opportunities and/or direct workplace entry.  We recognize the mentorship needs of a 16 year old rookie will be much different than those of a veteran player and this will be factored in to the development of individualized player plans.

  1. The Sarnia Legionnaires will provide players with exposure to college and/or university recruiters and will assist individual players with the appropriate skill set, to explore opportunities to play at higher level.  All players will have personalized hockey resumes developed along with a video reel that will capture their highlight moments throughout the season.  Players will get support and guidance on moving on to the next level should they possess the skills and abilities to do so
  2. The Sarnia Legionnaires will offer, in partnership with Empower Play, the opportunity for players to enroll in SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test) academic prep classes and complete SAT testing.  Based on test results, academic supports will be implemented to assist players to improve further testing results.
  3. The Sarnia Legionnaires will actively engage with academic advisors to track and support players scholastic progress both at the high school and college level for players enrolled in schools within Sarnia Lambton area.
  4. The Sarnia Legionnaires are proud to offer players access to a full complement of Health and Wellness professionals from our team Kinesiologist, Dentist, Chiropractor, Conditioning Specialist, Career Counsellors, Academic Advisors and Public Health Educators.  All are certified and licensed professionals in their specific professions
  5. The Sarnia Legionnaires will ensure that each player will have a personal assessment at the beginning of the season to develop a life plan.  This could include identifying and connecting to supports to provide assistance for the player’s educational goals, career goals, community volunteering experiences, physical health and fitness needs, religious or spiritual needs or those individuals who may need support with issues of a personal nature.
  6. The Sarnia Legionnaires will provide each player with access to a gym membership and a personal trainer who will develop individual strength and fitness programs that players will commit to.
  7. The Sarnia Legionnaires will provide opportunities for players with respect to social development, which may include opportunities to participate in community events, charitable fundraisers and fan appreciation activities, and will engage the player in such a way that enhances their social development.  Volunteerism promotes self-esteem, personal growth and encourages a commitment to civic responsibility.
  8. The Sarnia Legionnaires have developed a unique Speakers Series, for all players to participate in, which will bring in guest speakers that are local professionals to dialogue on areas such as personal wellness, health and nutrition, self-care, and dealing with the pressures of playing at a competitive sport.
  9. The Sarnia Legionnaires have implemented a player transition policy that will continue to support signed players who may be sent down, released or traded.  Players that may be affected due to injury, ability or circumstance, will continue to have access to all aspects of the off-ice components of the Program of Excellence for the remainder of the season or until their transition to another community is complete.


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