Past and Present Over-Agers Acknowledged.

The past couple years in the hockey world have been anything but normal. Things have had to be continuously cancelled.
But being cancelled does not mean forgotten.
Recently we acknowledged some important players in our organization… our Over-Agers.
We Thank you for wearing that crest with pride and always representing The Sarnia Legionnaires with professionalism.
We wish you all the very best in life, and always hope you will come back to the barn and cheer on the future generations of players.
L to R :
Ben Schoch 2019/20 overager ,  Lori & Dave Schoch
Cam Lightfoot 2021/22 overager, Rhonda & S. Lightfoot
Bruno & Nikole Ferrera, Joey Ferrera 2020/21 overager ,
Steve Barraclough, Josh Barraclough 2019/20 overager , Kathy Barraclough
📸:Shawna Lavoie