Annual Wooly Toss

In light of the success of last year’s wooly toss, we have elected to go ahead with
a similar format this year. Several charities have approached us and are in
desperate need of woolies (gloves, mitts, scarves, hats), so we have decided to go
with a “collect and donate” style again this year, in addition to the regular toss at
the game on December 8th.

If anyone would like to donate woolies or make a cash donation before December 1st, 2022,  we are collecting at several locations in Sarnia, listed below, or you may choose to throw your woolies on the ice at the game on December8 th .

If anyone needs woolies picked up, please contact Terry or
Brooke, and we will make the arrangements.

Drop-off locations:
Terry Lilley 1087 Indian Rd 519-542-4994
Brooke Lilley- Pierce 1350 Severin Dr. N 519-542-4104
D&S Service Centre 810 Confederation St
Aqua Pools&Spa 1792 London Line